Our Travel Itinerary

Countries of Travel So Far on our list:
Thailand Jan 21-Feb 15
Cambodia Feb 15-22
Vietnam – Feb 22-Mar 18
Laos – Mar 18-30
Malaysia – Mar 30-Apr 1
Phillippines – Apr 1-12
China – Apr 12-May 15
Jordan – May 15-20
Isreal – May 20-27
Turkey – May 27-June 2
Greece – June 2-10
Eastern/Northern Europe – June 10-Aug 15
(countries we debating on: Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Norway, Denmark)
South Africa – Aug 15-Sep 10
London – Sept 10-14
Amsterdam – Sept 14-19
Germany – Sept 19-26


2 responses to “Our Travel Itinerary”

  1. Scott Everson says :

    There is no debate on Norway or Germany FYI, unless of course Amsterdam holds me captive as in years past.

  2. jeff zimmerman says :

    Never been to Cambodia, Never been to Vietnam. “I don’t even know where Cambodia is”. Never been to Laos, but i’m sure Scott will be more charming this time around. Never been to Malysia. Never been to Africa period. Why is Scott Everson so cool, and how do I join him?

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