Running around Wadi Rum desert!

After a full day in Petra, Scott and I were ready for our next Jordan adventure: exploring the massive red desert known as Wadi Rum.

This was something that I was really looking forward to on our trip because #1 I have never camped before in a tent (I have slept in cabins but those don’t count to me)
#2 The possibility of running around like a fool in a desert has been something I have always wanted to do
#3 repeat number 2

Our hotel set us (Scott, myself and a very cool couple from Australia) up with a local Bedouin guide that would take us around for the day, provide us with meals and also set us up with a tent to sleep in overnight.

Our guide was Muhammed and he was pretty awesome. He likes to drive like this:
Or like this:

Muhammed spoke very good English and had been running tours for years now. He was 23 and single but hoped to have 3 wives one day (it is allowed in Bedouin cultures as there are far more women than men). I told him it was a bad idea because 3 wives means 3x the nagging, anniversary gifts and in-law drama. But he was pretty set on those plans so I wished him luck…he’s going to need it.

We rode around the desert in a 4×4 open-air jeep and boy, was it fun. Here is a picture of our jeep:
And here was the flat tire we got:
One day when we hang out in person you MUST ask me how a Bedouin changes a tire in the desert. It is very interesting. Scott was able to tear through the desert in this jeep too! And no, that is not how we got the flat tire.

Wadi Rum is a massive desert and we barely saw people the entire day. We felt like we had the whole desert to ourselves.

We walked through valleys
Climbed tall boulders


drove around and just explored random places

We ate lunch in some random shade we found and then napped for about an hour. Our tour guide even napped with us. It was one of the best naps I have ever had. Complete silence found in a desert is priceless.

Eventually we woke up to some tea, or as our guide called it – Bedouin Whiskey
Resuming the plans for the day, we sat atop some ruins and lovely lookout points

Saw some really old carvings that instructed fellow Bedouin on how to cross through the desert
Scott, of course, was snooping for treasure again
And my favorite, we visited the most beautiful red sand dunes I have ever seen

The best part about being in the desert is that you run around like a fool in the desert! And take fun photos while you are at it!
here are our new very cool friends from Australia, Oz and Shirin

and of course, Scott took his classic kung fu pose
At the end of the day we drove out to a tall rock where we watched the sunset. We looked up at the rock and – it was Jason! The friend we made in Amman and saw in Petra was also on top of this rock! What a small world…
Unfortunately we didn’t get a very good sunset, but when you have just climbed on top of a huge rock watching a sun set in the middle of a vast desert, you don’t complain.

We returned to camp and were treated to Mansaf, their national dish which is meat roasted underground. We ate, laughed at jokes, sang songs and danced a little bit. It was a really fun evening.

Before retiring to our tent, Scott and I took a romantic walk out in the desert. We counted stars and pointed out planets and constellations that we spotted. It was pretty hard to see far away but luckily the moon provided enough light for us to see in front of us. We went to bed in the quietest of nights – all you could hear was a gust of wind now and then.

Scott and I both woke up at 4am and had to use the toilet. We both walked out of our tent together and looked up at the most beautiful sky. I have never seen so many stars in my life and I certainly have never seen the Milky Way. Words cannot describe how beautiful the Milky Way is. I will never forget the way the stars looked that night and certainly will never forget seeing two shooting stars in a span of one minute!

What a day…


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6 responses to “Running around Wadi Rum desert!”

  1. Anonymous says :

    Kiran he did not say he wanted to marry 3 American wife…

  2. Anonymous says :

    Uncle Aftab

  3. Anonymous says :

    Playful bliss. What a wonderful day. Dad and Pam

  4. Jason says :

    You guys rock. I’m stealing that picture of us for my Facebook page! Hope you’re enjoying Prague and drinking as much beer as possible.

  5. TAN says :

    Dude, this looks amazing. One of my favorite posts.

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