Gorgeous Guilin

After two fun days in Hangzhou, Scott and I embarked on a 20 hour train journey to the beautiful city of Guilin. Reknowned for it’s beauty, Guilin is a scenic town surrounded by rivers, lakes and picturesque karst mountains. The city is a popular destination for Chinese tourists and it is a great base point to explore Yangshuo (which was our next destination). We spent almost two full days in Guilin.

Our first day we were pretty pooped from the train ride so we just walked around the city. Our hotel was right along a beautiful riverfront which lit up at night

Our hotel was also around the corner from central Guilin which was a long pedestrian street of restaurants, bars and shopping stores. The street was always packed with young people and it made for great people watching.
Also, China has McDonalds kiosks here dedicated to just desserts! Amazing!

It was almost 90 degrees that day and still about 85 degrees well into the evening. We grabbed dinner at a restaurant that is popular with the locals and sampled the local cuisine, Guilin rice noodles, for just $2.50 each. It is one of the best meals I have had in China
After grabbing some much needed milk tea with boba (yummmm), we stumbled along a park in the area that had a larger-than-life world atlas on the ground.
Here is Scott standing on South Africa
Being the annoying wife that I am, I dragged Scott across the world atlas so that we could re-enact our world trip. Surprisingly enough, it took us a full 20 minutes to do that and we realized just how much travel we are actually completing in 9 months. It is a lot, why didn’t anyone tell us we are crazy for doing this trip?

The following day was the only full day we had to explore so we went for a hike in Seven Stars Park, located just across the river from our hotel. The park was expensive to get into but was large in size and took practically the whole day to walk around. In contrast to the day before, it was rainy and barely 55 degrees outside. We were FREEZING but toughed it out and snapped some great photos:

We came across a very cool cave that contained stone inscriptions dating back to 1100 AD!


We hiked up the tallest peak in the park and were rewarded with a 360 view of the city. I was blown away by the stunning views and didn’t want to leave!

Most people visit Guilin to take a day cruise down the Li River to Yangshuo but we decided to take the cruise and stay in Yangshuo for a few days. Scott will cover the cruise in his next post but here is a sneak peek of our experience until then!



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4 responses to “Gorgeous Guilin”

  1. Anonymous says :

    Serge and Kiran- Your facetime call was the best Birthday gift you could share with Pam and Me. We look forward to continued catch ups from Isreal and all points planned and unplanned for the future. Hugs from the MadCity.

  2. Anonymous says :

    Scotteeee and Kiran — it is such a gift to look forward to your posts and next adventures. Time is flying by so keep laughing and loving hard! Mrs. Ediger

  3. Shirley Johnson says :

    It was really nice meeting you last night. I hope the rest of your holiday is great!!!

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