Bangkok: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


We left Koh Lanta for Bangkok on February 13th and here’s what I have to say first: It is exceedingly ill-advised to arrive in a city of nine million people for the first time in a foreign country having done little research and even less planning and still expect your two night stay there to go smoothly.

The Good: Awesome clubs, amazing world class cuisine (I’m not talking about scorpions, see below), and tons of temples, palaces, and other amazing sites to see.

The Bad: Traffic congestion and smog that makes Los Angeles look like a dream come true. Taxi drivers that will ALWAYS try to rip you off, scam you, or worse. Bangkok is more expensive than one would think.

The Ugly: CENSURED [due to underage readers of our blog; see the first picture above and use your imagination, it is truly ugly (or wonderful I suppose depending on your perspective)].

Our introduction to Bangkok came Wednesday night on Khao San Road, know as the backpacking center of the universe. As flashpackers (the distinction is subtle but important), we still thought it important to see the craziness. Here’s an example, the latest installment in my now famous picture-of-a-picture series – the guy is about to eat a deep fried scorpion.

This photo was taken outside of the bar where the guy ate the scorpion. Who calls their place the We Do Not Check ID Card & Restaurant?!? We didn’t see anyone eating (except scorpions), and we’re still not sure what a golf bar cocktail is.

In Thailand, Buddhist Ronald is everywhere and is universally adored.




Here’s where I took Kiran on Valentine’s Day – a street food cart attached to a bar made out of a VW Bus.


I loved these VW bus bars so I’ll share with you some shots I took.





I could tell you how we failed miserably at seeing any of the sights in Bangkok (we slept in too late after hitting the clubs, we almost git scammed by a taxi driver, etc etc etc), but that would take too long typing on a mobile phone, and Kiran says I can’t watch Ghost Rider until I finish this post, so DONE.

I like this picture too


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One response to “Bangkok: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”

  1. jeff zimmerman says :

    WTF…..This just gets weirder and weirder everytime I check. For a few years now I’ve had a giant neon “MEGA VAGINA” sign outside my house. Now I see the error of my ways. Thank you Scott and Kiran.

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