My most memorable day so far

Our time in Thailand has been incredible so far. Everyday we discover a new beach that I think is the most beautiful beach I have ever seen. Then, we end up finding an even better beach the next day!

Last week we settled ourselves in a little beach town called Ao Nang which is located in the Krabi province of Thailand. From Ao Nang we were able to take day trips to certain parts of the province by boat. One day we explored Railey Beach which has got to be one of the most breathtaking beaches I have been to. Here are some pictures below:




On our last day in Ao Nang, Scott told me he was going to give me my Valentines Day gift early – a day trip to Koh Phi Phi! I was so excited because so many people have said how great Phi Phi is, but it was too expensive for us to stay on the island overnight.

Sidenote: before I get into my day: Koh Phi Phi is pronounced “Koh Pee Pee” so that made for some great “I gotta Koh Phi Phi” jokes all day =)

Okay back to my awesome day. The day started off with pickup service from our hotel to our speedboat at the Ao Nang pier. I had never been on a speedboat before and I am so spoiled now! Speedboats are awesome.

On the way to Koh Phi Phi we stopped at a beautiful island called Bamboo Island. The beaches were straight out of a postcard. Beautiful aqua colors of water and the whitest sand you can imagine. Most folks snorkeled here but the water is so clear that you really don’t need a mask. Unfortunately we both forgot to take pictures of this island! Sorry!

So, on to the main attraction. Koh Phi Phi consists of two islands but accommodations only exist on one island – Koh Phi Phi Don. All the gorgeous beaches are located on the second (and much smaller) island – Koh Phi Phi Ley. And that is where we went first!


After circling the island, we docked at Maya Beach. For those of you that don’t know, Maya Beach is where they filmed the movie “The Beach”. I watched this movie in the theater and could not believe a beach like that existed. After seeing it in person, Maya Beach is seriously the most beautiful beach I have been to. It will be very hard to find a better beach. Thailand has turned the beach into a national park so nobody will ever build on it. Here are somephotosimage


Okay so aside from that we did pull up to a bunch of amazing caves and a lagoon that are only accessible by boat. We saw the entire perimeter of the islands that are made up of beautiful Karst walls and we went snorkeling in a few spots out at sea.


Lastly, we had lunch at the Koh Phi Phi Don Pier, a very large touristy area that was a lot of fun! We didn’t get much time at the pier but it seemed like a huge spring break crowd. Someone told us that there is a bar at the pier where they have a boxing ring in the center and they lure foreigners to fight each other with free alcohol. Those silly tourists!

Overall, the day tour was great. I recommend it to everyone versus staying on the island because you get to see all of Koh Phi Phi the only way possible – by boat.

We got back to Ao Nang just in time to eat at our favorite fried rice place and then watch the sunset:


I then went and experienced my very first Thai massage! I was a little scared as my friend describes Thai massage as being placed in different wrestling submissions for an hour. I had been postponing getting one but I finally mustered up the courage. I got to the massage place and told them what I wanted and every staff member looked at me and started laughing. Not a good start.

So I finally got to a “room” (really just a bed with curtains around it) and waited nervously. Then a very grumpy woman opened the curtain and said “what you want?!!”

So I said/asked “uh, Thai massage?”

She grumbled and I realized this was not a good start. I didn’t want a torture session. So I said “this is my first thai massage”

She was pissed. “First time?!! Ohhh, You should get oil massage not thai massage!” I didn’t back down even though she said it to me five more times. I am glad I stuck to my guns because Thai massages are the best! Sure they can be uncomfortable at times, but they are so great for your body! Hearing my back crack was a little weird but felt really good. That cranky woman was a pro.

After my thai massage I wandered back to my hotel only to find Scott wandering aimlessly on the way. We decided to walk around town again because it was looking like a lively night and somehow stumbled upon some live music in a courtyard of shops and bars. As we got closer, we realized that the music was a rendition of our wedding song! (Iz’s “somewhere over the rainbow.”)

Of course we had to stop what we were doing and slow dance to our song – we are that corny couple that everyone looks at in disgust. We didn’t care. The band was called the SungKaYa band and they play almost every night at The Boogie Bar. The band consists of two guitarists (one flamenco) and a bongo player. They were one of the best cover bands I have seen! We stayed for 3 more hours watching the band and playing pool. It was a perfect ending to the day.
SungKaYa’s band website

So I didn’t win the lottery or buy a house or do anything that was life changing. But I had a great day of exploration, relaxation and enjoyment.





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3 responses to “My most memorable day so far”

  1. Polly Ediger says :

    Sigh…..I’m so so happy for you and so so sad for me!

  2. Tanveer says :

    Awesome!! What a fantastic post to describe your fantastic day!!

  3. jeff zimmerman says :

    What is Kiran posing on in the the fourth photo? It looks like stalactites, but it’s outside, just some weird kind of hanging rocks I suppose. We should all take Valentine’s Day gift giving lessons from Scott. That guy brings it. Kiran sure got one thing right, speedboats are awesome. Scott, if you feel left out I’d be happy to give you a Thai massage. I have a license and everything, I think it’s in the garage somewhere. P.S. Props to Polly for showing up.

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