Koh Tao: Not for SCUBA diving alone.

On January 28th, we left the infamous party island of Koh Phangan, taking yet another ferry ~20 miles North to the lovely island of Koh Tao (to Koh Phangan’s credit, the northern portion of the island is GORGEOUS with no party scene whatsoever).

We stayed on Koh Tao for four nights, from January 28th – February 1st, and as best we can now gather, Koh/ko is the Thai word for island. Koh/Ko Tao has, until recently, been an island visited almost exclusively for SCUBA diving. In fact, our guesthouse owner told us as recently as eight years ago, it was nearly impossible to find accomodation on the island unless you were staying at a SCUBA diving resort. And, while that has changed, SCUBA diving remains the primary attraction to Koh Tao, with over 50 dive shops on an eight square mile island. So, like they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. And, thanks to a generous contribution from the Chamadia family, we were able to go WAY over our daily budget and enjoy this fine day (Kiran could only snorkel due to her ear issues).





Thankfully I have no such ear issues!



SCUBA diving is surprisingly exhausting

But, like we said, Koh Tao is not for diving alone. Here’s the view from Sunset Bar where we had dinner one night.
image We heard about Sunset Bar from the guy working at Sunrise Bar, its sister restaurant. We stumbled upon Sunrise Bar while dirtbiking (on a moped with dirtbike tires) in the hills one day. Here’s the view from Sunrise Bar (Greg, this picture is for you).


Sairee Beach is a beachside strip of bars and clubs that try to lure tourists with happy hour deals and fire dancers. I could watch these firedancers for hours. Mr. Makhani, take a deep breath before watching this video, this was NOT planned (and please excuse the language). EVERYONE, take time to watch this video, it’s AWESOME!
Kiran – fire dancer “volunteer”

Kiran swimming on a secluded beach Sorry, if I zoomed in on her face, I wouldn’t have captured the trees in the shot
Our last night in Koh Tao.
Sunrise over Koh Phangan from the ferry going to our next destination, Ao Nang.


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8 responses to “Koh Tao: Not for SCUBA diving alone.”

  1. Anonymous says :

    hahahah the video with Kiran Apa as the fire dance volunteer is hilarious! 🙂

  2. jeff zimmerman says :

    OKAY 007… Enough show boating. I love the picture of the sea urchin, but breakast and dinner at Sunrise and Sunset Cafe’s. That’s where I start to get jealous. So I don’t have any type of wife or lady friend, but if I did, and some dude came around swinging fire balls and smoking a cigarette, he’d be dropped. P.S. who are these Chamadia’s and how do i get in with them?

  3. Anonymous says :

    How awesome. The pictures are beautiful. So fun to be able to see where you go and what you are doing. Pam

  4. Sabah says :

    The fire dancer. Lit. His cigarette. Love it!

    You guys look like you’re having so much fun. These places are beautiful!

  5. B Carter says :

    Wow. This trip is amazing. You can’t make this stuff up. Life is but a dream and I’m so glad you’re capturing these moments/memories…and sharing them to boot 🙂

  6. jeff zimmerman says :

    Am I doing this wrong or something? Everytime I check it’s the same fish photo’s (very beautiful by the way). Hope you’re enjoying each others’ company on your journey, but at least 1 new post per week, that’s the new rule. P.S. If my demands are not met, I’m going to straight up hire my own fire dancer to take out anyone named anonymous. Good job Sabah and B Carter, it took real balls to do what you did.

  7. Brandy Leber says :

    My suggestion for diving in Vietnam is here http://www.dive.goglobalservice.com they have outstanding dive packages in Vietnam!

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