We made it to Thailand!

It only took 2 planes, 3 trains, 4 buses, 1 ferry and 50 hours of total travel but we have made it to Koh Pha Ngan!

We flew business class to Bangkok and I have time say it was totally worth it! The 18 hours of flying went by so quickly. Then we took two trains to the main station where we waited 4 hours to get on an overnight train to Surat Thani, a town with a ferry port. We got on the train which decided to stop on the tracks in the middle of the night so we arrived in Surat Thani 3 hours late. We then crammed in a bus which took us to a travel agency to pick up our ferry tickets and wait for another bus.

After an hour we got on a double decker bus and our bus driver was crazy! He flew by everyone and we didn’t understand why until we pulled up the ferry port and saw our ferry leaving us behind! So we waited 4 more hours until the next ferry. 2.5 hours later we finally arrived at the wonderful island of koh pha ngan!!!

It was so tiring but completely worth it. For as little as 20 dollars we have a bungalow on the beach and we sleep every night to rebounds of the ocean. We are staying in koh pha ngan for 5 days and will be going to our very first full moon party so I will post more after that!

Where we eat breakfast every morning


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