Fortune Cookies Don’t Lie


It is only fitting that this fortune I recently received is our first blog post.

For those of you that don’t know, Scott and I met at LAX airport. We were on the same flight and bonded over our love for international travel. For the 5+ years that we have known each other, we have talked about placing normalcy on hold and tackling our extensive travel bucket list. Finally in May 2012, we took the first step and booked our one-way flights to Thailand.

The trip starts with a full moon party in Thailand and (supposedly) ends with Oktoberfest in Germany. We hope to use this blog to stay in touch with our family and friends along the way.

This fortune is now taped inside the moleskine notebook that I am taking on the trip so it is coming with me to the land of sunshine and relaxation!

– Kiran


7 responses to “Fortune Cookies Don’t Lie”

  1. Tanveer says :

    How exciting! And great blog name. By the way, how did you post from the future?

  2. Kam says :

    “All life is a journey, not a destination; it is a road, not the country; and those transient enjoyments which you have in this life, lawful in their way,—those incidental and evanescent pleasures which you may sip,—are not home; they are little inns only upon the road-side of life, where you are refreshed for a moment, that you may take again the pilgrim-staff and journey on, seeking what is still before you—the rest that remaineth for the people of God.”

    To both of you wishing a safe and wonderful journey.

  3. Shezma says :

    Be safe and have a wonderful time. You guys have great courage and I am in awe. Looking forward to reading about your journey.

  4. Sabah says :

    Have fun you guys! Keep your belongings close and bring back lots of souvenirs! ;D

  5. Terry D. Everson says :

    Kiran and Scott- We will be following your global trek and we both wish you nothing but love, safe travel, and loads of fun in your journey. Connect when you can and we will follow thru the blog. Post lots of Pics. They say so much about both of you and your experiences. Hugs from the MadCity

  6. sabrizzle09 says :

    I am going to miss you SO MUCH! This will probably be the longest period of time I haven’t seen you, but I am glad that it is for something this great and important and epic. I am so glad you will keep us all updated on the greatness you are about to encounter through this blog. And please don’t worry, I will keep you updated on the SKAM stuff as well. Have a great trip, STAY SAFE, and please remember these wise words from Aubrey Graham:


    Infinite love,


  7. Scott Everson says :

    I’m just glad that for nine months she can’t yell at me for being in bed and taking out my contacts and then throwing them on OUR floor, since I’ll be throwing them one someone ELSE’S floor.

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